Volunteering is hard

Over the last two and a half years, Trump and the GOP have been trying to dismantle health care, destroy the social safety net, eliminate environmental protections, and criminalize asylum-seeking...and that's just what's being covered by the national press. While Americans of all stripes have stood up to resist, it's hard to focus on everything, so some things slip through the cracks. That's where we come in.

We make it easier

Just like taking the stairs each day instead of the elevator or drinking water instead of soda with lunch, 10 Minutes A Day was founded around the idea that if we all spend just a few minutes each day volunteering, we can do big things. We work with local activists, community organizers, and people like you to draw attention to issues that aren't getting enough support, and provide concrete actions that you can do in just a few minutes a day.

If all of us give just 10 minutes, we can change the world.

Our Mission

10 Minutes A Day is a nonprofit social welfare organization that focuses on: (1). increasing civic engagement among and support for disenfranchised communities, (2). advocating for, developing, and providing information to protect and promote democracy and improve the political process, (3). obtaining and dispensing information about public servants, proposed policies, and civil and human rights issues for educational purposes and to increase civic participation, (4). protecting and promoting outreach efforts to encourage, support and increase voter awareness, registration, participation, and accessibility, and (5). conducting such other activities permitted by Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our Team

Kat, Founder & Executive Director 

Kat is an attorney of 13 years who has been involved in social justice work since she was a young girl. A professional writer and editor for most of her adult life, Kat has published legal content, political analysis, and produced resource manuals for several civil/human rights advocacy groups. Kat served as the Vice President for her undergraduate pro-choice group, where she took part in a public debate about reproductive rights, coordinated with TARAL and Planned Parenthood, testified before the Texas Senate, and was interviewed by local television and news affiliates. She has extensive research experience and was named one of the top 10 speakers at both the high school and college speech/debate national tournaments. When she isn’t pursuing social welfare or speaking and writing to mobilize activists, Kat relaxes with a good book or Zsa-Zsa and Eva, her cats.


CJ, Co-President & Graphic Designer 

Being raised in a red state with the lowest population and now living in a blue state with the biggest population has given CJ a unique perspective. She believes in the popular vote but would ask that people give Wyoming a break--they had to go to school with grizzly bears! CJ joined the Student Coalition in high school, started protesting, and never stopped. She has testified before the California Health Committee to bring awareness to CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Her twitter handle name was started 17 years ago, when she first got sick and her closest friend suddenly expected her to be an "inspirational" person with disabilities, as disabled people are often depicted in the media and television. Instead, CJ went in the other direction because she wants to celebrate all people with disabilities, even the "jerks." Seeing Stella Young's brilliant Ted Talk about inspiration porn put words to CJ's feelings. When she's not fighting hard to protect our rights, and especially our most vulnerable groups, you can find her laughing with her twin daughters, failing at training her dogs, or devouring all things design and art-related. 


Jason, Chief Technology Officer

Jason is a web developer and software engineer of many years who has helped clients with various needs, from individuals to large businesses. He developed the page and platform for 10 Minutes a Day and donated his time to help our organization's work to protect civil and human rights. Jason has many diverse talents, ranging from music composition to computer-based brainstorms. Known for his creativity, compassion, intelligence, and his ability to create solutions to meet even the most exacting client's needs, Jason is outstanding in his field. When he's not building a better mousetrap, he's making the world a better place in other ways, through his dedicated political activism, phenomenal parenting, great friendship, and kindness to others.

AJ, Technology Consultant

Once a mild mannered data scientist from California, AJ was bitten by a radioactive election result in 2016, transforming him into a political activist and web developer. With his ability to analyze political data, AJ fights to protect our healthcare and keep our voting rights intact. In his free time, AJ watches superhero movies to learn tactics and stay motivated. AJ helped to co-found 10 Minutes a Day when it changed from an unofficial group to a nonprofit. and has dedicated countless hours towards helping it's luddite founder find a platform that works for the organization, coming up with ideas to improve the world around us, and helping ensure that 10 Minutes A Day became a reality as an official organization.


Julie, Graphic Designer 

Julie is an artist and all around creative soul, doing renderings, planning and design work for contractors most days. Her passion lies in turning ideas into visuals, blending perfectly with her interest in politics and history. Julie’s activism dates back to the first Earth Day, marching as a young teen and picking up trash in a run-down Detroit park. After lessons learned in a 16 year detour to hospice nursing, Julie returned to the art world and promised herself she’d dedicate more time to things that inspire. Never one to hold back voicing her thoughts and feelings, artwork and graphics have become a favorite way to communicate them, with social media providing the outlet. Julie also recently opened an online Etsy store where she offers some of her artistic creations.

Join Us

Boost civic engagement. Increase voter participation. Protect democracy 10 minutes at a time.

Have a question? Interested in getting involved? Contact us at info@10minutesaday.org and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also get updates from us on new actions and issues we spotlight by following us on Twitter @10MinutesOrg.