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Janice Park for Alaska State HD 25!


Janice Park is running for state representative in Alaska's House District 25, and her race is an important one to spotlight. In her own words, Janice says, "Alaska has promises to keep. Promises to out children. I am fighting for the things that will benefit their future. Join me in that fight."

In addition to being a hardworking Alaskan of seventeen years who is passionate, intelligent, and who cares about her community, we consider Janice to be a friend whom we are proud to endorse for this seat. Janice's priorities include quality pre-K & education, Medicaid expansion, affordable healthcare, and coverage regardless of pre-existing conditions, and protecting reproductive rights. Help elect Janice & make #HerStory in 2020! Here are some ways you can help Janice win!

Actions Needed

1) Follow & Amplify Janice on Twitter!

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2) Donate to Help Janice Win!

Candidates like Janice depend on individual donations, & no amount is too small! Please help donate today, and spread the word to be a part of Janice's path to victory!


3) Volunteer to Make Sure Janice is HD 25's Next State Representative!

We can only win if we all contribute--sign up today to be a part of Janice's winning team!


4) Amplify Janice by Sharing on Facebook!

Let your community know that Janice is running & why they should support her! Follow her on Facebook!

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It's National Domestic Violence Awareness Month!


DV purple ribbon 4 awareness month


Domestic Violence affects a staggering 10 million people every single year, and every 20 minutes, someone is physically abused by an intimate partner. So many of our organizers have been deeply impacted by domestic violence personally, and we'd like to ask that each if you take some of these simple actions to help survivors & prevent future incidents. Here's how you can help:



Actions Needed

1) Share a link on Twitter to Raise Awareness.

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2) Donate to help end domestic violence!

Split a donation to nonprofit groups advocating for survivors & fighting to promote more domestic violence resources & prevention. 


3) Volunteer to help end domestic violence!

No More is a nonprofit that has events, a newsletter, and volunteer opportunities to help end the epidemic of abuse. Click the button to connect to their volunteer information.


Support the National Popular Vote Initiative!


Our recent presidential elections have demonstrated the disparity between how America is voting and the outcome reached by the electoral college. These concerns were particularly important when the 2016 election was won in the electoral college despite a deficit of 3 million votes. It has become increasingly critical to award votes in such a way that every vote counts and is accorded the same weight. You can take action to help ensure that every vote counts!

Here are some things you can do to promote the National Popular Vote Initiative, a measure that, if approved by enough states, would replace the electoral college with a popular vote for presidential elections.



Actions Needed

1) Watch this video and tweet the link to help others learn about the NPVI.

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2) Donate to National Popular Vote to support their work of fighting for equal representation - they’ve already gotten over 60% of the states they need to pass this great policy.


3) Contact your state legislators & ask them to support the National Popular Vote Initiative.

Click on the button and enter your zipcode, and you'll be given the contact info for your state legislators. Call them and ask them to support your state entering into the NPVI.


Cal Cunningham for US Senate

2020 is a very important year for Democrats to regain control of the Senate. In North Carolina, current polls show a very close race that is within three points and favors replacing current GOP Senator Thom Tillis. Cal Cunningham is running as a Democrat for this Senate seat and can use everyone’s help. Here are some ways to help Cal defeat Tillis in 2020:

Actions Needed

1) Tweet to support @CalforNC

Follow Cal on Twitter and share this link on social media to help him out.

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2) Share support for Cal on Facebook!

Share this link on social media to help him out.

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3) Donate to Cal’s campaign

Donate to help Cal make sure we flip NC's seat blue in 2020.

4) Volunteer for Cal

Volunteer to help Cal's campaign secure this seat for the Democrats in the Senate.

5) Register to Vote

If you haven’t already, make sure you register go vote!

Mike Espy for Senate

Control of the Senate in 2020 is critical to passing important legislation to ensure affordable healthcare for everyone, end the gun violence epidemic, protect our civil and human rights, and more. In 2016, Democrat Mike Espy ran for the Senate in Mississippi, and he performed better than any Democratic Senate candidate in Mississippi in 40 years. Mike is running again in 2020, and he can use everyone’s help to flip this seat blue. Mike is a former member of Congress and was President Bill Clinton’s Agriculture Secretary. He believes in equality, healthcare as a right, and will fight hard for Mississippi and all of us. Here’s how you can help make sure he wins:

Actions Needed

1) Share a link on social media supporting Mike.

Share this link to help raise awareness of this race, amplify Mike’s campaign, and ensure that we flip this seat blue in 2020.

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2) Donate to Mike Espy

Your donations will support key Senate candidates who are trying to flip seats for 2020. Today, we’re focused on Mike Espy, who is running to flip a Senate seat in Mississippi.

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3) Volunteer for the Mississippi Democrats

Follow the link to join the Mississippi Democrats to help Mike and others win.
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4) Register to Vote

If you haven’t already, make sure you register go vote!
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